I don’t think I feel the same way about hardship

I’m not trying to complain, but I had a strange plus frustrating upbringing.

I was born into a family of soybean farmers in rural ID. From the earliest age that I can possibly remember, honestly, I was put to do a job in whatever capacity I was capable of. By the time I was 4, my parents already had me pulling weeds in the yard around the massive front plus back of our house. Once I was six, they were teaching me how to till the fields, tend to the livestock, plus cook the day, lunch, plus lunchtime meals. There was absolutely nothing easy or fantastic about my childhood. It’s frustrating at times, when you’re taught from the moment you’re born that you should be totally ashamed of wanting leisure time. In fact, I’ll never forget when I was in grade school plus a single of my innocent classmates found it different that my family didn’t have an a/c unit in our house. Without another thought, I told them that my parents viewed all types of modern indoor heating plus cooling as an unnecessary luxury. Even in the terrible Wintertime season, I was used to a cold plus drafty home plus remembered constantly sleeping in several layers of clothing to prevent myself from shivering all night. All of this was foreign to my young classmates. Eventually, I gained more knowledge about the world plus how others around me lived. It didn’t honestly take long for me to wish for a better life. I decided, I would move out plus live anywhere with an a/c plus a heating system. Lord knows, I did not want to be stuck in that life forever.

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