Real estate lawyer saved our bacon

I was overwhelmed with all of the paperwork and rhetoric that went with the closings for our home.

When the two of us found our home, it was everything that the two of us had ever wanted.

My hubby said it was so perfect that there was only 1 way they would get him to transport and she wouldn’t be walking. I just roll our eyeah at him when she makes these statement. I hated the final process because the two of us were living over 150 miles away from where the two of us were moving. I talked to the real estate lawyer about twenty times. We had to put in more currency because of what was happening and things that had to be taken care of. Selling our outdated lake house was even worse. We had to go to the real estate lawyer to get all of the paperwork. Whenever there was a problem, she would call myself and others and I would need to get things straightened out. I had to call our hubby at work to have him deposit currency into the bank and send out a bank check via wireless. She had half an minute to get this done, or the sale would not go through. They wanted us to spend money for a dumpster and to spend money for damage that had been done to house, by a storm, after the two of us had left. The real estate lawyer told us that it was bogus and they were just looking to split the price of the house. Without the real estate lawyer, the two of us would have gone nuts. The only time the two of us the real estate lawyer personally, was when the two of us signed the deed over to the modern owner..