Trying to adjust to the northern cold via HVAC

I happen to be in the hotel business.

It has been a fairly good career thus far. I have worked in a number of beautiful locales in my early days. Those were all resorts that were bathed in sun and balmy temperatures. There really wasn’t much need for an HVAC furnace system. However, the deeper I got in my career, the more I found myself in premium downtown type properties. Part of this business is accepting the fact that I won’t be anywhere more than three to five years. Then, it’s a move to another property that can use my expertise. This last move was a tough one to swallow. I was asked to take over a hotel in the upper reaches of our country. This region is known for all the worst that winter can throw at you. This is tough for me because, not only did I love all those resorts, I am also Southern born and bred. I grew up with an HVAC heat pump that we turned on a handful of times during our mild winter. Now, I am knee deep in snow for months and months at a time. There are plenty of nights that I can’t even get home to my family because of snow and ice. This is why I put a lot of energy into being certain that our mode of heating the house is first rate. I have the HVAC people perform maintenance on the furnace both before and after the winter. I don’t know if I will ever acclimate to this cold but, the HVAC is my only hope.

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