Before living together, talk about the HVAC

The more mature you get, the more you realize about modern relationships.

  • They are nothing like what you see in the movies growing up.

In fact, as you age your priorities will completely change as you approach new romantic and adult relationships. Back when I was a kid, my biggest concern was how attractive the boy was. I really didn’t think much about our relative life plans or overall compatibilities. In fact, my brain stopped thinking very much about a viable future if he had blue eyes and pretty hair. As an adult, I realize that everything is a lot more complicated than this. In fact, I have learned the hard way so many times that these days I approached relationships with extreme caution and practicality. When I start seeing somebody new, I would rather find out about their credit scores and money-saving skills than their passions in life. A few weeks ago, I started seeing a new guy and I immediately approached an important topic. I asked if he properly maintained his heating and cooling system at home, how high his energy bills were every month, and what kind of thermostat he was operating. I needed to know if he logically utilized his central heating and cooling system or if he was energy inefficient and wasteful. I’m sure that he felt like he was on the spot when I asked to call his usual HVAC technician and talk about his upcoming repair appointment. However, at this stage in my life I need to know if we share heating and cooling philosophies before I get any further in.

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