Having concerns with dual fuel system

I am having some complaints with my gas furnace.

I’m feeling stressed over these problems. We have a dual-fuel heating system installed in our house. The system provides both cooling and heating and combines a heat pump with a gas furnace. A heat pump doesn’t burn fuel to generate heat but simply moves heat from one spot to another. Using the two heating systems helps to save money. In the summer the heat pump acts just like an A/C system. In the winter, as long as the temperature remains above freezing, the heat pump is super efficient. It keeps the house perfectly comfortable for a fraction of the price of the gas furnace. The main drawback with heat pumps is that they struggle to keep up with demand at lower temperatures. That is why my house also included a forced air furnace. When the temperatures get especially cold, we’re all set. When I go to bed, I lower the temperature on the thermostat to conserve energy. In the morning, the heat pump has difficulty trying to raise the temperature in the house. We need the furnace to turn on and raise the temperature quickly. The furnace might cost more to run but it’s more powerful. It lessens wear and tear on the heat pump by sharing the workload. The gas furnace refuses to turn on. With even worse weather on the way, the heat pump is going to find it impossible to raise the temperature. I have called an HVAC professional for repair. Unfortunately, I can’t get an appointment for another week. I’m worried the heat pump won’t be able to handle it. The house already feels quite chilly.


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