I think problems with heating are the fault of the ductwork

Certain rooms in my house are way too hot while others feel chilly.

I have been researching possible reasons for the temperature fluctuation.

I have a forced air gas furnace that relies on ductwork to convey heated air to the various rooms of the house. Some of the vents are not putting out sufficient heat to keep the rooms nice and warm. Adjusting the thermostat doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. I can overheat specific rooms while others remain slightly chilly. I’ve looked up some information online and am convinced that the problem is with the ductwork. The only question is whether I have holes and leaks allowing the heated air to escape or a buildup of debris blocking airflow. Either way, the furnace is forced to run for long cycles that end up costing a fortune in heating bills. The issue with the ductwork has increased the workload on the furnace. Not only is it using more energy but I’m worried about a malfunction. Plus, the house isn’t comfortable. I need to hire a local HVAC professional to inspect and test the ductwork. They can determine whether I need to invest in duct cleaning or sealing. Since the ducts have had no attention since I purchased the home eight years ago, there could be all sorts of problems. The air my family breathes passes through the ducts so the system of pipes is extremely important. I know that these services will be fairly expensive. I hope that I am able to recover that investment through lower monthly energy bills. Lessening demand on the furnace should help the heating system to last longer and operate more reliably as well.

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