You should always do your research before you buy a new A/C

I enjoy using all sorts of modern gadgets and technology. Despite having friends that all scoffed at the idea, I finally bought a smart watch while I was in the holiday season this past year. I was vacillating back and forth as to whether or not I should entirely make the purchase. But, ever since I bought the little thing, I find more uses for it everyday. It’s legitimately nice being able to suddenly read my texts just by raising my arm within eyesight. Naturally, I try to find modern technology to use whenever there is something I need to buy new. It doesn’t matter if I’m replacing an outdated appliance or if I’m trying out a modern gadget for the first time ever. Last year when I needed to buy a modern portable a/c, I went a tad overboard and got a little ahead of myself. I was reading all about how two-hose portable a/cs are more energy efficient than their single-hose counterparts. Apparently, the reason why is that they use outdoor air to cool the warm internal compressor instead of wastefully using the cooled indoor air to achieve the same results. Therefore, you would have to install an additional hose when you go to put the machine up for using it the first time. And I made the mistake of not looking ahead of time. When I went to install it, I realized I had no windows that were sizable enough to fit both hoses together. Instead, I am now going to be forced to drill two five inch holes in some external wall of my house. I was hoping to find a fantastic modern A/C in the heating and cooling world, however instead it just seems to be a headache for me. I know that sooner or later, I’m going to have to just drill the holes whether I want to or not!
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