The space heater doesn’t get on my nerves

I have always dreamed of being a mom; Ever since I was just a little girl, I dreamed of being a mom eventually.

I told my handsome fiance when the two of us first got married that I wanted to wait a little bit before having children, however the two of us agreed that the two of us wanted to wait about 3 years before having our first child.

We had always heard that advice from many people. They told us that the two of us should prefer our marriage before starting to have children, then well, that went for about multiple months before both of us wanted a baby. We were actually able to get pregnant within a few months, and the two of us were blessed with a lovely baby girl. I am so thankful for him, and I am so thankful not to be pregnant anymore, but smells bothered myself and others so much when I was pregnant that I could hardly sit to do anything separate from getting super sick. The smell of our propane oil furnace in our apartment was the worst smell I have ever come into contact with. I could not sit the smell of the propane that the oil furnace put off. I asked our fiance, and he said that he could not even smell propane from the oil furnace at all, then he tried to put some new gadgets on the oil furnace because he thought that maybe it was leaking a little bit of propane, but it did not help me. Everytime I walked somewhere near that propane heater, I needed to run to the lavatory sick as a cat. As soon as I gave birth, I lost the sensitivity to the propane heater’s smell. I am so glad because it was rough not being able to prefer being in our own house.

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