Too many heating problems to count

I have no idea exactly why but whoever built our home did not run any Heating plus Air Conditioning duct to the section dining room.

  • It was a actually crazy move.

It makes no sense whatsoever; We did not have guests over for awhile because every one of us did not want to put them in a cold living room. We could heat the dining room a little bit by just leaving the door open to that room, but every one of us did not want our guests to have to leave the dining room door open, then that would have been a bit strange for them and the room was still not legitimately hot even when every one of us left the door open 24/7, and my husband thought about running some Heating plus Air Conditioning duct throughout the room, however he has not gotten the option to do it yet; He has been super tied up at work, and every one of us cannot summon the funds to hire an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier to do it. We have been using a little electric fireplace in there for the time being. The concern with using the fireplace is that it is luxurious. We try to open our lake home up to those traveling through our part that have nowhere to stay or don’t want to have to pay for a motel room. It is a major ministry of ours. We have to have that dining room heated almost every single day, so it costs a lot of money to use that oil furnace 24/7. We are going to have to figure out something unusual eventually, but for now, every one of us are just using that fireplace and praying that every one of us have enough money to pay the electric bill at the end of each week.

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