I’m very happy with the heat pump

My friend works at one branch of a popular chain of stores in our city. Spring seems to be coming in earlier this year so everybody is out shopping for items to replace those they used during the cold season. These range from lighter, cooler clothing to seeds for the garden which the warmth is bringing back to life. The problem at this particular store is with the temperature. After the cold season had passed, the heating system in the store was still pouring out warm air, to the discomfort of everyone there.Instead of the furnace and AC associated with the traditional HVAC system, the air quality in this store is regulated by a heat pump. Heat pumps are used mainly in moderate climates and are much more energy efficient than HVAC units. The heat pump functions much like a refrigerator,shifting warm air to cool spaces and vise versa. This is the air-source heat pump and it’s even better with dehumidifying the air than is the standard HVAC unit. So, instead of generating heat and cold, heat pumps move the air from inside to outside or the reverse, to achieve the desired temperature. In the case of my friend’s store, there was some confusion with the thermostat, and it felt like the desired cool air, was being cancelled out by warm air coming from the heat pump. From what I hear, this is a minor problem which may easily be corrected. I sincerely hope so, for though I’ve always preferred summer over winter, this heat can be murder!

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