I hate cleaning after guests

When I married my husband, I didn’t exactly realize everyone that was coming along with him. Not only is there his dog and his son, but then his parents drop into our house for a weekend every month without notice. Not to mention all the musicians who stop into town for gigs and crash at our place. Plus all of our friends who drive cross country to visit. It feels like continual visitors, rotating in and out of our pro-bono AirBNB. I don’t mind having the company around the house, but there are a few aspects of the whole deal that try my personal anxieties. For instance, all of the cleaning that goes into preparing a home for guests, and sterilizing it again after they leave. You see, I’m a bit of a germ nerd, and I’m most concerned about the bacteria we breathe.  I struggle with the thought of indoor air contamination stemming from strangers’ coughs, dander, and sneezes. I do not appreciate the idea of these guests leaving pieces of themselves behind, and my indoor air handling system circulating those airborne pollutants all throughout my home. That’s why I’m obsessive about our indoor air quality, and continually pestering my husband for a media air cleaner. Currently, after our guests leave, I have to go through and change all the air filters in our heating and cooling equipment, try my best to vacuum out the air ducts, and wipe down the air vents in every room. I wipe down every surface, and even went so far as to purchase UV sterilization lights to zap any remaining bacteria circulating in the air. I would much rather have a real air purification system hooked right up to our current HVAC plan to remove all the airborne toxins. If he’s bringing all these germs into the house, he should help me get them back out.

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