They installed a portable dehumidifier

My last apartment was a royal mess when it came to having too much humidity.

I was constantly telling my landlord about the poor air conditioning. It wasn’t until I told him that there was black mold in my closet, that the landlord finally decided to do something. I knew that black mold was dangerous. The landlord finally had a dehumidifier installed into the apartment. I never thought about needing to empty the water reservoir, but maybe I should have read the paperwork that went with the dehumidifier. When the dehumidifier quit working, I was devastated. I knew the landlord had to have installed a cheap one into the house. When I called, he asked me if I had checked my email. He had sent the operating manual to me for the dehumidifier. I read every page and I was shocked to find out that I had to empty the reservoir to the dehumidifier. I thought he had installed a dehumidifier that went into the air conditioning unit. I was so wrong to have assumed this. Following the instructions in the manual, I was able to disconnect the reservoir and empty it. I followed all of the instructions and when I flipped the switch, the dehumidifier started working again. I hate that I have to be so diligent with the reservoir, but I love that the air conditioner works so much better. I also enjoy putting on clothing that doesn’t feel like it hung in a steam closet all night long. I guess taking care of the dehumidifier is a small price to pay for what all it does for me.