Partial air conditioning in a restaurant?

I was getting ready to go out for the day.

I was spending it with my sister-in-law and we were going to do some shopping and check out the new Italian restaurant that was on the strip.

We were having a great day until we got to the restaurant. There was a note on the wall that said the AC was only partially working. I wasn’t sure what that meant. We walked into the restaurant and sure enough, it was hot at the reception desk. The girl smiled and told us that this part of the restaurant had lost its air conditioning. She took us to the back of the restaurant where I began to shiver. It seemed like all of the AC had been directed to this one small spot. She told us that the HVAC company had been called. They were going to have an HVAC technician to the restaurant in about an hour. I thought that since the lunch hour was really slow, it was smart to put all of the diners in the back with the AC. My sister-in-law told me they should have called my brother. He was an HVAC technician and he would have had the problem fixed already. We sat there enjoying a nice dinner, but we also noticed that it was getting warmer. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but the lack of AC was migrating to this part of the restaurant. That’s when we saw the HVAC technician walk in. It would have been nice to have him show up before we got here, but I was glad to know that the AC would soon be working properly..

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