It was cold last night

I live in the deep south where cold weather is a commodity we could do without. No one knows how to deal with weather that goes into the fifties, let alone the thirties. Everyone was lost now that we were going to have weather that was in the thirties. I knew it wasn’t going to last any more than two days, but that felt like a lifetime. A lot of my colleagues were busy trying to find someone to get their heating system cleaned. They wanted to make sure that when they needed the heat, the furnace was going to work. Since they hadn’t used their furnaces in over five years, they had to make sure everything was working. Some of the people I knew didn’t have a formal heating system. They were the ones who were looking for their space heaters, or they were looking for a store that had a space heater in stock. I had a space heater, but I wasn’t so sure I was going to need it. My house was small and I figured that if I had a good blanket, I would be fine for two nights. Halfway through the night, I was shivering and I had to get the space heater running. The space heater didn’t even touch the cold that had pervaded my home. I knew that I would need to let the space heater run all day to get my bedroom warm enough to sleep in the next night. I didn’t trust leaving the space heater, so I braved the cold for one more night. By noon the next day, the temperature was up to sixty and I was looking for someone to insulate my home and install a whole house heating system.

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