I was jealous of the space heater

I was so jealous of the space heater my friend had in his bathroom. My bathroom at home didn’t have any heating inside. It was always cold there, even in the summer. I thought how nice it would be if I could have heating in my bathroom. I went home and talked to my mom and dad. I told them that if they would get me a space heater for my bathroom, I would take care of it. I knew that I wanted a space heater that had all of the safety features. I had been researching space heaters on the internet and I preferred those that overheating and tip over safety shut off. I didn’t plan on kicking the space heater over. I didn’t plan on having the heater turned on unless I was in the shower. I also found a space heater that had these two features and it wasn’t hot to the touch. I didn’t need to worry about getting burnt, or burning anything in the bathroom if it were to get too close to the space heater. Dad thought it may be a good idea, but mom didn’t. She thought that I was still too young to take on that kind of responsibility. My dad was impressed about how much research I had done. He bought me the space heater amid mom’s objections. One month later, the space heater was still running and dad was proud that I had been so responsible. I’m hoping that in a couple of years they will take away the space heater and give me a baseboard electric heater for the bathroom.

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