The fire was an accident

It hadn’t felt very full to me.

When I was a kid, I guess I wasn’t very responsible. I proved that one night when our house burned down. Luckily, no one and no animals were injured, but we had to buy a new house. Dad had warned me about going into the garage when he wasn’t home. He said there were a lot of flammables in the garage. The garage wasn’t heated, but it was attached to the house. I also knew where dad kept his space heater. The space heater was old and dad said that it sometimes sputtered, but I didn’t know what that meant. Mom and dad were at work one day when we had an early dismissal. I was twelve and curious and I went into the garage. I found a lot of cool things there that I wanted to check out. I was surprised how easy it was to get the space heater going. Mom must have heard about the early dismissal because I heard her car pull up. I shoved the space heater under the bench and I ran into the house. I couldn’t remember if I had turned off the space heater, but there wasn’t any way I could go into the garage without getting into trouble. I hoped the space heater would run out of kerosene in a couple of minutes. It hadn’t felt very full to me. A couple of hours later, I heard mom scream and she grabbed the phone. She called dad and the fire company but it was too late. The fire spread from the garage and through the kitchen, destroying everything. My dad was disappointed that I hadn’t listened, but I never got blamed.


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