A hot massage to relax

I love getting massages. There is something about spending a day at the spa that brings everything into perspective. You go in bunched muscles and stress. You come out totally relaxed and looking at things with clear eyes. I think that everyone should try going to a spa at least once in their lives. I know that some of you are thinking that you don’t want strangers touching you, but you forget about all of that. I also understand that the cost can be high, but save the money and you’ll be glad you did. I only had one experience that wasn’t as joyful as I wanted it to be. It was already hot outside and I was hoping to go inside and relax with some air conditioning. When I went into the lobby, it was really warm. The receptionist told me that they didn’t think their clients would mind a bit of heat. I told her it wasn’t a bit of heat, but it was hot. She instantly apologized and told me they were having some troubles with the air conditioning. She offered to change my appointment, but I said no. I got undressed and laid down on the massage table. I could feel the sweat on my skin and I could feel it rolling down my face. When the masseuse came in, I asked about the air conditioning. She told me the air conditioning was only acting up in the lobby. She offered to adjust the thermostat so I could get some cooler air. Once the air conditioning turned on, I began to relax even before the masseuse began to work her wonders.

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