A tree destroyed our air conditioning unit

When you live in the south, you get used to severe thunderstorms.

It seems that at least once a day, when the heat is starting to wane, a thunderstorm breaks out.

These thunderstorms can be so bad that you can watch the trees bend in half and the rain sounds like it is going to break the windows. Sometimes we get the occasional tornado warning, but thankfully this doesn’t happen very often. I have seen too much sorrow on television just by seeing neighbors that only five miles down the road, have their lives upturned by a tornado. We have been lucky enough to only have a tree fall on our air conditioning unit. I’m surprised it didn’t take out our roof because the air conditioning unit is right beneath the eaves. If the tree had broken off just one foot lower, or if it had gone just a little further to the left or right, it would have ripped our roof off. The problem is that we have an air conditioning system that has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. When you purchase an air conditioning system, you need to buy the complete air conditioning system. The type of AC system that we have is very expensive and I was fearing what this was going to cost me. It was top of the line when we bought it and that was only a year ago. Compared to what happened to some of the people in our area, the loss of the air conditioning was minor damage.

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