There’s a hole in my ductwork

I work for this proofreading company.

I love working this way because I have a lot of autonomy over my schedule.

If I need time off, I simply take it and I set my schedule around what my family has planned. I do proofreading for a contractor that works for newspapers and magazines. Many publishers are choosing to get rid of their in-house proofing staff. This means that many of the publishers are going to companies like the one I work for to get their proofreading done. There are quite a few little perks that go along with this job. One of them is that my vocabulary expanded which means I am able to talk more in public. It is easier for me to express myself so that I am clear and concise with what I am saying. Another thing that goes along with this job is that when I do a really good job, I get a bonus. Last month I got a bonus that gave me enough money to be able to purchase the HVAC system that I have been needing for the past year. When I found out that I needed a new HVAC system, I also found out that the ductwork needed to be installed. He said that the draft we were feeling was from the holes in the ductwork. I really didn’t want to have to deal with ductwork anymore. I talked to the HVAC company and they told me that I could get a ductless HVAC system for about the same price. I would still have Zone Control with individual thermostats, but I wouldn’t be dealing with the ductwork.

Zone controlled HVAC