We don’t mesh in the bedroom

When my fiance and I met, we were surprised by how much we had in common. We shared so many interests and hobbies that it was uncanny. It wasn’t until after we were married and lived in the same house for a few months that I was able to recognize some of our differences and realize how annoying they were. Even though both of us loved the same books, films, and music, we had nothing in common when it came to eating. It was so bad at times that there were days when we were making separate meals at the same time. This was just scratching the surface, because it was about to get worse. He loved his dog, but it wasn’t until the dog moved in with us that I realized how much. He told the dog to come to mommy and I glared. I did not give birth to a dog and I never would. The dog’s place was not in my bed, or on my furniture. He had a bed in the corner of the kitchen and that was where he belonged. Our biggest issue came about in the winter. I liked having it cooler in the bedroom. I didn’t want the thermostat set so high that I couldn’t cozy down under the blankets. My husband felt safe when the thermostat was set to seventy-five. He wanted to hear the furnace running and know that the heating was working well. I was so upset that I slept in the spare room a couple of times. Of course he had the dog in the bed as soon as I left.


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