I saw the going out of business sign first

I live in a very small community and there are always businesses coming in and businesses going out.

We all watch for those that are going out because the going out of business sales are usually quite amazing.

When my sister brought home a stereo system and told me what she paid, I was jealous. It was less than half of what I had paid for mine. My wife insisted that we go to the sale for the local appliance center. We came home that afternoon with a new SMart refrigerator and a stove that you could tell it what temperature you wanted and at what time and it would respond. I bought both appliances for the price of one. When I heard that the local HVAC company was going out of business, I didn’t say anything to anyone. I needed a new HVAC system and I wanted to get mine before anyone else took it. My best friend worked at the HVAC company and he told me when the sale was going to be. He told me that everything was at least 50% off and he would let me pick out what I wanted before anyone else even knew they were having a sale. I had known that I needed a new furnace, air conditioner and ductwork, for over a year, but I couldn’t afford it. The day the announcement went out, I was picking out the HvAC system that I wanted. I had it delivered and set up even before anyone else was able to go inside. It’s nice to hear the going out of business sale, before anyone else.

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