Cutting so called buddies out of your life

You can’t be a wonderful neighbor if you are constantly on the receiving end of things. You can’t just constantly be the 1 asking for help and never help out your so called friends, and i have had people who I thought were friends in the past, but it turned out they were using me, sure, they would help out with a couple of things here and there, but there would constantly be some kind of catch for their help. Like 1 neighbor would constantly help me with my motorcar repair, however but in return, I would have to take him all over the locale, the store for groceries, downtown for legal matters, and all kinds of things, she wouldn’t even deliver me cash for all the gas I was using. She helped me a few times with my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment, but she ended up unquestionably causing more injure than helping! When the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system warranty became void, I realized that it was no wonderful trying to be friends with him any longer. I felt like I was not benefitting from this toxic relationship at all, and it was time to split him out of my life. It’s a similar situation with a lot of other people, and I come to realize that the only lady I can unquestionably depend on is myself. I guess that I can’t deal with most people because it seems like everybody has some kind of agenda to acquire some type of benefit. I’m done with benefitting other people, it’s time to focus a lot more on myself.

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