Keeping windows and doors officially insulated is a must for Heating and A/C performance

My fiance and I have been trying to play catch-up with our beach condo service.

We have been traveling always since all 4 of our parents’ health declined all within the same 12-month period.

It was hectic especially since our fiance’s mother had a stroke the day after our father had a heart attack. Naturally, all of our housework went to the wayside. The best we could do is mop the floors once a month which is a lot less frequently than the once-a-week tasks we officially strive for. The windows absolutely needed to be cleaned, and the roof which had accumulated a wonderful pile of leaves and small tree branches. It was a lot of taxing work, but the effort was worth the while when we started to catch up on everything around the house. But, there was a single chore I had put off for too long, and I had to do it before any more time elapsed. All of our windows and doors needed new weather seals to stop air from always escaping. Making sure all of your windows and doors have intact foam weatherstripping is a single way to make sure your energy costs from your heating and cooling system do not get out of hand. It’s not the most exciting chore in the world, nor is it a fast chore. It is grueling and time consuming, but once you’re finished you can see the results in shortened a/c cycles in the summer time and shorter heating cycles in the winter. If you stay on top of your weather sealing throughout your house, you don’t have to worry about getting so far behind that it takes days to catch up, appreciate I had.

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