I’m finally getting comfortable

My boyfriend and I moved in together three years ago.  We purchased a home together and moved into a suburban neighborhood.  I love where we live and thoroughly enjoy the family feel of our area.  Everything about our life together is wonderful. We rarely argue, unless it’s about the heating and cooling.  I am always cold. I turn on the heat, even during the springtime. My hands and feet are constantly cold. My boyfriend is the opposite.  He overheats very easily. He often wakes up in sweats because I turn the heat on when he’s sleeping. We spent months arguing like this, until we were forced to make a change.  Our HVAC system needed to be replaced. The units were getting old and weren’t working as well any more. We were looking through our options and stumbled upon zone heating. This option would allow us to adjust the temperature of each individual room.  Basically, we would be able to heat one room to a temperature that I felt comfortable in, while my boyfriend could cool another room. This sounded like a beautiful solution for us. We immediately signed on for this option. The next day, a heating and cooling specialist came by to discuss the upgrade. It took a few weeks, but the major update was well worth the time and money.  The arguments over heating and cooling have stopped. Additionally, we have been saving money because we don’t waste energy on heating or cooling unused rooms. It has been a win all around for us. I am very thankful for this!