My humidifier is absolutely nice

Christmas is my number one time of the year; I am not going to lie.

I really prefer getting gifts.

I prefer to provide gifts as well, however to be honest, getting gifts makes myself and others so much happier. I think for sure that gift giving is my prefer language, my hubby could buy myself and others something as little as a candy bar, plus I would be so ecstatic, then he knows how much I prefer getting gifts, so he buys myself and others things all of the time. I am so thankful for such a thoughtful plus caring man. My hubby plus my mom are the two people in my life who think that I prefer gifts plus who are willing to buy myself and others things all of the time. My mom got myself and others a humidifier for Christmas this year, plus I was beyond excited. My cousin asked myself and others in private if I was disappointed with my gift this year, however I told him that I really was not disappointed. I prefer my humidifier. I had not even expressed to my mom that I had been wanting a humidifier for awhile, so I have no method how she knew that I wanted a single. I guess that my hubby may have told her, however I don’t even remember mentioning a humidifier to him either. He was super ecstatic when I opened up the humidifier though. It was almost prefer he knew that I was going to get a humidifier. I have used my modern humidifier about several times, plus I easily prefer it. I find that my skin is not as dry as before, plus that is easily nice. I prefer getting gifts even if it is just a humidifier.


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