A very safe school

I has a job working in the front desk at the local high university.

I graduated from here a few years ago plus it is kind of fun to be back in an odd type of capacity.

A good amount of things have changed since I was a student- evidently! – one of them being the university’s security system. The principal was letting me know that this high university is protected by IoT security plus the access control plan upgrade that was added just a few years ago. That all sounds Greek to me, so I asked the principal what she meant by all of that. She explained to me in detail that IoT (internet of things) technology allows the university to have integrated building automation- such as a building access control system- that makes it easier to keep the building safe and secure. These types of building automation solutions became extremely popular after the rise in the horrendous university shootings across the country became actually prevalent. This IoT security will allow us to keep the doors locked if someone approaches plus rings the smart doorbell and we simply do not feel them. The two of us also have the ability to lock down any door in the building through the automatic logic friends with the building access control system. What is so neat is that the people I was with and I do not even need to be at the front desk to utilize any aspect of the building access control system. Through our smartphones, the people I was with and I are able to access the IoT building controls. Having my university’s services all around to become a smart building has actually made working here feel much safer and now I feel that the parents plus students feel the same way!

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