The space heater is working wonders

My landlord is the most uncaring landlord in my city.  He never returns my phone calls and emails, he never comes by the apartment to fix any problems I have, and he is very rude and dismissive when I get ahold of him.  All he cares about is collecting the rent money. It doesn’t matter how serious the problem is; he never responds to my complaints. A few weeks ago, my heater stopped working.  I was really concerned about this because winter was coming, but I believed that he would respond this time since loss of heat is a major problem. Well, it has been several weeks and he hasn’t returned my calls or emails.  I have been calling him nonstop, and I am beyond upset. I am getting worried because of the winter weather that is coming our way. It could be really dangerous to be without heat during the cold winter months. In the meantime, I purchased an electric blanket and space heater.  At night, the electric heater works wonders. It keeps me very toasty. The space heater works wonders as well. It heats whatever room I’m in very quickly. Although this is not a permanent solution, it keeps me warm in the meantime. Since my landlord hasn’t responded to me yet, I have decided to make a formal complaint to the department of housing in my city.  I can’t continue to live here knowing that my safety isn’t my landlord’s concern. Hopefully, the department of housing will take care of this issue and I can find a new apartment very soon.