Not a free Heating as well as A/C inspection

My parents used to always tell myself and others that when I moved out I would still have various things that I would have to learn the hard way in the adult world, as well as now that i have been residing all alone for a few months those words couldn’t have been more true, and i have always been a naturally trusting as well as naive person for my entire life, as well as the other afternoon a scammer ended up taking advantage of that.

For quite a long time I have been dealing with some problems with my outdated as well as run down a/c… Many times the air coming out of the unit is harshly weak, as well as while I was in the middle of the night bizarre as well as harshly loud sounds seem to come from the air conditioner unit! After doing a bit of research online I ended up finding an Heating as well as A/C company online that seemed to be offering a free first time service check.

I called them as well as set up the meeting as fast as my fingers were able to type as well as before I knew it they were out there, and well, the guy that claimed to be an Heating as well as A/C service tech seemed to be a nice enough person but at the end of the “service check” he told myself and others that it would be $100 for what he called the work fee. I ended up paying the person the money, as well as it wasn’t until later when I was talking with a friend that I realized it was a total scam. Well, I am out of 100 dollars but at least I l acquired my lesson!

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