The master living room is the coldest place in our house

My husband came down with the flu last week… She has been new home from labor as well as essentially bed ridden as he fights off this nasty illness. I have done as well as I can with trying to take care of his when I’m not at labor myself. I made a special batch of chicken noodle soup with a rotisserie chicken I bought at a single of our local grocery stores. I even made the broth myself by boiling the bones as well as carcass from the rotisserie chicken. Every one of us both thought the soup was delicious, although I wish our husband could keep more food down separate from getting sick, because he desperately needs the nutrients. While he has been stuck in bed in the master living room, he has spent more time inside that room than either a single of has since all of us moved into this apartment two years ago. At first when he said it felt colder in the master living room than anywhere else in the house, all of us both thought it was just a side effect from having the flu. But, as time went on as well as he finally fought off the illness, all of us both started to realize how frosty that room undoubtedly felt compared to the rest of the house. The air stream coming out of the ceiling register is seriously strong compared to any of the other air vents throughout. The air feels colder to the touch than in the other rooms as well. I inquired into why this was the case as well as I l gained from an Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist that the master living room is so frosty because it is the closest zone to the air conditioner. The air has the shortest path to travel, so more of it comes out of that unique vent. He said that a easy dampener sited inside the ductwork would repair the concern if all of us ever so desired.

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