Abusing the system

When my family decided to move, we went to this very quaint little town. Everything seemed alright and the school even boasted of zone control HVAC! I thought that sounded great until I went to school. It seemed the teachers were completely deranged with their temperature control settings. The first class I attended, the teacher had the temperature control set up incredibly high. I thought I was going to faint from heat exhaustion. I asked if she could adjust the temperature control and she told me to be quiet and listen. The next classroom I went to, it was entirely freezing inside! I could feel the frigid air flowing from the HVAC vents. It was insane! I didn’t even have to ask about the temperature control because there were several other students complaining about it as soon as they walked into the room! That teacher was pretty nasty as well and refused to accommodate the students. Out of the entire school day, there was only one teacher who had their temperature control set perfectly. I actually went to thank her for making it comfortable in the classroom. She agreed that the other teachers were totally abusing the new zone control HVAC they had installed in the school. It was unfortunate, but she didn’t know what could be done about it. When I made it back home, I told my parents about the nightmare with the zone control HVAC and asked if we could move again. They laughed and said we couldn’t move, but on a serious note they said they would have a talk with the principal about the apparent abuse of the HVAC system in the school.