Heating in addition to A/C is pressing for pet stores.

When working at a pet store, I noticed just how important Heating in addition to A/C honestly is for pets, however just like the saying, “you sweat like a dog”, dogs need to be kept cool too, however for both dogs and cats it is important that they are kept in the usual temperature, and as I passed the dogs and cats, I came to the isle that had the reptiles.

As all of us all know, however lizards and turtles need a heated lamp to keep them in desert-like habitats.

My pet store has a sizable room dedicated to just lizards, turtles and frogs, and in this room the furnace is kept on high to ensure the temperature is like that of a desert. As I continued walking, I came into the birdie habitat room, but the air conditioning was on low just to keep the room cool and to have some air flow. After completely walking through the pet store, I realized there were multiple odd air conditioning units, three furnaces, and several space heating systems in the store. It cost the pet store alot to keep the Heating in addition to A/C maintenance man coming for annual inspections. The owner of the store made sure that all the air conditionings and furnaces had the same date for maintenance, however he also ensured that the same Heating in addition to A/C serviceman came every year to ensure no mix-ups would happen with the Heating in addition to A/C systems, then while it doesn’t seem like the most efficient way to run a business, and I am sure all of us spend thoUSnds on Heating in addition to A/C utility bills a year, our pet store keeps the wellness and comfort of our animals as the top priority.



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