Upgrading a computer

My computer was an older machine.

I decided I wanted to upgrade it so it would run faster and smoother.

The goal was to convert it to a gaming computer. I had looked around online and bought all the parts that I knew I would need. I could have always bought a new computer but it would be less expensive to just upgrade my current one. I got all the boxes that had come in the mail and opened them. In the boxes was all the supplies I would need. I got straight to work, taking the computer apart and adding the new hardware. After working for quite awhile I started to feel hot, so I went to the thermostat to turn on the a/c. I heard the air conditioner make the familiar click sound as it came on and felt cool air coming out of the vents in the house. Lucky for me I had an a/c vent right above me. I got back to work but only a half an hour later the air conditioning went off. Frustrated I got up to see why. I turned off, then back on. When I did it started working again. I sighed. This was something my a/c had been doing lately. It would run for a little while and then go off. I knew at some point I would need to call the HVAC supplier and get a heating and cooling technician out here to take a look at why my air conditioning unit was randomly shutting off. If it needed a repair or new parts I knew the HVAC dealer would be able to fix it. After a couple hours I finished my computer. It was like a brand new machine.
furnace/heater tune-up