Shooting a home video

When I got home one day, I saw that my family was gathered around the TV watching some old home videos. The video they were watching was an experience I could clearly remember. My son was just a little kid about 4 years old and he was playing with the old thermostat in our old house. The video was me asking him about the thermostat. He said it looked like a fun toy and he just wanted to play with it. I told him that it was not a toy at all, but it was the thermostat that controlled the heating and cooling for our house. I told him the reason why it was so hot inside the house was because he raised the temperature setting on the thermostat which told our HVAC system to overheat the house. He said he didn’t know it would do that and he wanted to cry, but I told him it was alright. I said now he was learning about what it actually was, and I made a deal with him. I said if he promised not to play with the thermostat anymore, and he listened, he would get a brand new toy in a month. He immediately lit up about that and seemed very pleased. It wasn’t a reward for him messing around with the thermostat, but it was a reward because he was listening and learning about our HVAC system, how it was not a toy to mess around with. It was actually a really cute video, and he didn’t even cry. He ended up getting this toy race track that he actually still has to this day.