Southern Surprised With Heat

When you think about the south, you probably think about hot summers and very mild winters.

That’s not always the case and the south has been known to get a lot of snow.

It’s not something we worry about often and, to be honest, most of us are never prepared with a snowstorm or cold weather hits. We have to start up our heaters and spend a couple of days chilly while our houses warm up. That is exactly what happened to me one winter. I was enjoying a mild fall and hoping that winter wouldn’t be too harsh. It was early in November when I woke up freezing cold. I looked out my window and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was several inches of snow on the ground. I quickly ran to my thermostat and turned on my heat. I heard the HVAC unit kick on and figured it would be a long time before I actually felt the warmth. To my surprise, within an hour my house was warming up. I was able to go into my bedroom, shut the door and go right back to sleep in my warm and cozy bed. I had just bought my heating unit at the end of winter the year before and hadn’t got to try it out from the start. I was so happy and surprised by how well it worked. Now I am not the least bit worried about unexpected weather in the south. I know my HVAC system works and will keep me warm no matter what the temperatures are outside.