Bought a new heater

When you think about the south, you think about warm summers and very mild winters. Contrary to popular belief, that’s not always true. In fact, when cold weather does decide to hit, we’re not always prepared. Both of us have to start up our oil furnaces and spend a couple of days cold while our houses warm up. That is exactly what happened to myself and others one winter. I was enjoying a mild fall and hoping that wintertime wouldn’t be too bad. It was early September when I woke up really cold. I looked out our window and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was several inches of snow on the ground! I knew it was going to be a harsh, early winter. I hastily ran to our temperature control and turned on our heat. I heard the HVAC unit kick on and figured it would be a long time before I felt the warmth. To our surprise, within 30 minutes our home was warming up. I was able to go right on back to bed, and my bed was already warmed up. I had just bought our heating unit at the end of wintertime last year, and this is my first time testing it. I was so cheerful and surprised by how well it worked, and now I am not the least bit nervous about unexpected weather in the south. I think our HVAC system works and will keep myself and others warm no matter what the temperatures are outside.


Dial thermostat