Deciding to try personal training

This coming year, I am determined to complete some of the things on my bucket list.

I plan to learn how to drive a motorcycle.

I want to take a dance class, learn to speak French and also give personal training a try. Out of that list, I did not care which of these things I attempted first. Personal training just sort of came about. A Core Progression opened up a location near me. This style of gym concentrates on personal training. The offer group fitness class and private fitness training session with a certified fitness expert. Because I want to get the full personal training experience, I signed up for the private course. I like the idea of working one on one with an knowledgeable professional in the physical training field. I have always been dedicated to working out. However I have never had any firm idea of what to do. I have not yet taken the personal training class, but I am super excited. First, I was asked to determine goals for myself. I needed to decide if I want to lose weight or was toning my muscles more important? Am I unhappy with a specific part of my body or is stamina more important? There was a lot to decide about the plan of action. I also met with a nutritionist for nutritional counseling to set up a health plan to work in partnership with the fitness class. All of this has me convinced that a private fitness class will be especially beneficial. I think the experience is going to be life changing. Everything so far has been really professional and everyone is so knowledgeable.

Fitness coahing