Dreadful HVAC situation in rental home

Life comes at you and you simply just have to roll with it.

At least, that’s what I have been told all my life.

While I think there is some real logic in that quote, the execution is a whole other thing. Life does have a way of getting really weird at times. And, I think overreacting to it never helps. There is something to be said for allowing for a certain flow to guide your actions. Otherwise, we just stay in one emotional meltdown after another and that is no way to live. But, it doesn’t come easy and I certainly know that from experience. My life has recently changed in a most drastic fashion. I used to come home to an HVAC controlled house that was alive with kids, animals and all sorts of wonderful chaos. Well, that came to a halt as the last of my children have left home and are building their own lives. Suddenly, my wife and I were faced with just a big empty house that reverberated with how much different our lives were. Instead of leaning into feeling sorry for ourselves, we decided to turn the page. We actually just sold the house mere months ago. It was quite an undertaking but, it ended up being quite profitable. It was also the kick in the pants we needed to downsize and get on with our lives. To that end, we decided to rent a smaller home for a while as we decide just what part of the country we want to live in. But, I can tell you this, I miss my awesome HVAC every day. The HVAC in this rental home is just the worst. I can’t believe how much I took HVAC comfort for granted.


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