Saving up as much money as I can

No, I can’t go out for dinner. No, I’m not interested in going to that concert. No, I won’t be going on that fishing trip this weekend. That’s all I keep telling my friends lately – no, no, no. I’m not able to meet up with them or do fun stuff for the foreseeable future. Why? Because I’m saving up as much money as possible right now. I have no choice but to diligently put my money away because I have a major home renovation to make – my HVAC system desperately needs some professional attention from a certified heating and cooling expert. One HVAC technician in particular, actually.

           You see, my home air temperature control system been acting up for many months at this point. It actually isn’t specific to the furnace or air conditioner, because no matter what air quality I attempt to establish in my house, the heating and cooling system is ineffective. It’s hot and muggy inside in the summertime and cold and drafty in the winter season, no matter how high I set the AC or heater. I’ve been trying to deal with the spotty air quality for a long time now, but it’s getting to the point where I can’t wait any longer. I’ve been saving and saving for many months, but I know I’ll need to make several service calls to sort this out.

           Not only will my heater and AC need special attention and possibly a few intensive repairs… but I’m also hoping to see my future boyfriend a few times. He works for a local HVAC company, and I’m anxious to pay for his professional services.

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