More energy efficient HVAC system

After having our first child, my wife plus I certainly had to tighten our belts financially to accommodate the current arrival in our lives.

One of the ways the two of us tried to do this was by eliminating as more than 2 bi-weekly payments as possible; the gym was the first to go (hence why I’m still wearing my maternity pants!), then our online subscriptions, card memberships, etc.

One bill that evidently could not be cut out was our heating plus cooling bill. Instead, the two of us looked for ways to make that more efficient. Every one of us called our HVAC provider to get some possibilities on what was available to us within our price range as far as energy efficient cooling systems plus furnaces (our seasoned HVAC method was starting to get a little clunky anyway). They proposed checking out cooling systems plus furnaces with good SEER scores (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or the benchmark for how much energy a gas furnace or cooling system uses to give you a component of cooling or heating). The HVAC provider also proposed looking into smart temperature controls. Smart temperature controls/programmable temperature controls allow you to set the house to different temperatures when you are beach house or away to help save on that bi-weekly heating plus cooling bill. With what the two of us had set aside in savings for our HVAC updates, the two of us bought heating plus cooling units with terrific SEER scores plus sprung for the smart temperature control to help cut costs when we’re away from the house. These investments certainly paid for themselves within a few months (maybe with the savings I can start up that gym membership again to get back into my pre-baby jeans!)


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