Open Floor Plans Are Good Candidates for Ductless Air Conditioning

Recently, when I finally had enough money saved to build a little lakeside cottage to be used as my vacation home, I learned about ductless air conditioning.

Ductless air conditioning, which some people think of as a glorified window a/c, are, in my opinion, the way to go as far as heating and cooling are concerned.

My little lakeside cottage is going to have an open floor plan. The kitchen, living room, and dining room are all going to be one big room, essentially, and the only separate rooms will be the bedrooms and bathroom. Ductless air conditioning thrives on open floor plans because there is only one unit that blows out the cooled (or heated) air conditioning; if there are a lot of walls in the house, the ductless a/c unit won’t be able to properly supply heating and cooling to all the different places. Since I am getting the popular open concept house, I am also getting ductless air conditioning. That does mean, though, that the bedrooms and bathrooms will need their own heating and cooling. The bathroom is going to have heated floors, and since it is attached to the bedrooms Jack and Jill style, the a/c will come from the ductless mini-split a/c in the bedroom. The bedrooms will have to each have its own mini-split a/c, but because I can buy the smaller units for those rooms, it is still economical. I am going to combine that with a smart thermostat, and we should be all set to enjoy our little lakeside cottage.
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