I made it happen for the AC we need

My family and I moved to this little sleepy town several years ago. We started going to a local church down the road where every one of us were accepted by all of our best friends and neighbors. We became genuinely involved in the church activities right away. All 3 of our children attend Bible learning classes with the other kids on Monday evening. My wife and I volunteer our weekly services in the soup living room. Last week, the AC situated in the basement of the church stopped finally working. All of the kid’s Bible classes are located in the basement. I am not surprised that the AC suddenly stopped working, because I suppose it’s about 20 years old or more. I used to have a job for a heating and AC repair supplier before my wife and I originally moved into this town. I provided my know-how on the subject since I was the only one. I knew the AC was beyond repair and I proposed quickly that the church members start looking for a contractor to help make the cooling system switch. We had a fundraiser over the weekend to help raise a great deal of currency for the modern AC unit. My wife and I baked 10 dozen assorted cookies and every item in the bake sale sold in less than half an hour. We had a large turnout from the church members, however every one of us realized we also had a lot of people from the community come to our fundraiser. We so much closer to being able to buy the right AC system for our classrooms. We will have a modern AC in no time.

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