Working on the HVAC

My wife is quite a forgetful person I must say. I asked her to please arrange an appointment to get our A/C tune-up, and so she did. When it came around time for the HVAC technician to arrive to the house, she was actually out shopping with friends when the HVAC technician was knocking at the door. He called her phone and everything but she somehow missed the call. She later told me that she forgot about the HVAC appointment and she would have to reschedule it. So she called and apologized and had the HVAC appointment rescheduled. They charged us a service call fee regardless because no one was home. I was rather disappointed by that. This time after she arranged for the next appointment, she told me the date and time so I made sure to take off work to meet with the HVAC specialist. When I was there, he never showed up. I called my wife and asked her if she was sure that was the right date and time. That’s when she apologized and said she gave me the wrong day, it was actually the next day! I couldn’t believe it, at least we didn’t miss the appointment but I had to miss a day of work for nothing! I couldn’t miss another day of work so I made sure she was there for this appointment the next day. Fortunately, she was there, but I reminded her a few times not to go anywhere. The HVAC technician arrived and took care of everything with no problem.

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