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Every 2 months, my wife and I gained a free magazine in the mail at our apartment that we never asked for.

  • The magazine is filled with advertisements from companies all around the state, like security alarm businesses, roofers, and commercial plumbers.

I have never considered much in this magazine, however I suppose a lot of my competitors think of it as a great advertisement. In the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C industry, there are too many corporations in the surrounding area. Coupons therefore are meant to help draw customers into the doors for your business, rather than the one up the street. Unfortunately, it can be genuinely high-priced to advertise in these home repair magazines. Until this week, I never checked on any of the advertising prices to publish in them. When I gained the free magazine in the mail, I saw a big brightly colored sticker on the back of the booklet. The magazine was going to kindly offer half-price advertising in the next two months. I spoke with my wife about the cheap choice to advertise in this magazine next time we could. My wife agreed that it was really a genuinely superb idea for our contracting service. I contacted the advertising staff at the magazine and slowly talked to them about prices and page space. I realized that it was not nearly as high-priced to advertise as I anticipated. Even without a very significant discount, I suppose our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier could viably afford to advertise with them. I think it will provide us a superb idea of whether or not the magazine is ultimately a superb medium to target our customers. We are going to place a 10% off coupon in the advertisement, so all of our brand new Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C customers can save just by calling and mentioning the magazine ad.

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