Creating a comfortable mother-in-law suite

My mother has gotten to an age where she really shouldn’t be totally on her own.

  • She’s still mentally sharp and quite mobile, but we worry about her falling or simply needing help with household tasks.

My husband and I bought a house with an attached mother-in-law suite. This suite includes a bathroom, kitchenette and a small patio with access through sliding glass doors. We wanted to make my mother feel welcome and totally comfortable. I went through my mother’s existing home and took photographs of every room. Since the new space was going to be quite a bit smaller, she was required to leave most of her possessions behind. I took the photographs to a local custom furniture builder and design shop. I included all the dimensions for the rooms and hoped the custom craftsman would be able to create something to make mom feel at home. He came up with a great plan to incorporate elements from my mother’s former residence, including the black walnut furnishings and jewel tone colors and soft fabrics. Plus, he introduced some new and modern updates to add convenience to her life. He carved very beautiful railings and installed them in integral places around the house to help mom with balance as she moves from room to room. He built an exact replica of my mom’s dining room table, just smaller. The custom shop was able to fulfill all of our needs, from draperies and carpets to couches, chairs and even patio furniture. The custom furniture builder and design shop made my mother’s transition so much easier and less stressful.



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