My Son Scheduled Our HVAC Appointment On His Phone

Sometimes, I’m convinced that my kids are way smarter than me.

I still consider myself more wise, but my kids have access to information through their various forms of technology.

When I was their age, I had to learn through school, books, or word of mouth. It was much more of an effort to find out information. I do my best to keep up with the times, but to be honest, I get really agitated and confused when I can’t figure out the new and upcoming technology. It’s easier for me to avoid it than t;OPOo learn about it. When I made a comment to my kids about how our HVAC system needed servicing before the spring pollen started blooming, I thought nothing of it. I simply made the comment thinking that nobody was listening and it was more of a verbal reminder to myself. My son asked me who we usually used to service our HVAC equipment, which I thought was odd, but thought he was just trying to learn more about responsibilities around the house. After I gave him the name of the HVAC company we used, he told me that he’d gone ahead and scheduled us an appointment with the HVAC company for that weekend. I stopped what I was doing and looked at him in shock. I hadn’t even seen him make a phone call! When I asked him what he was talking about, he said that he made our HVAC appointment online via his phone. I was so impressed! He’s going to be making all our HVAC appointments from here on out.

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