My friends are all warm

My friend works at a branch of a popular chain of stores in our city. Spring seems to be coming in earlier this year so everybody is out shopping for things they’ll need for the coming season. Cooler clothing and seeds for the garden are just the start for some shoppers at my buddy’s business! The problem at this particular store though is with the temperature. Once the winter had passed, the heating system in the store was still pouring out hot air. It made everyone terribly uncomfortable! I think that might be related to the store using a heat pump, rather than a conventional central air system, Heat pumps are used mainly in moderate climates and are much more energy efficient than Heating and A/C units. Supposedly, the heat pump functions much like a refrigerator, shifting hot air to cool spaces and vice versa. To my surprise, this also means the air brought in the house is much cleaner since it’s free of air pollution. So if heat pumps transfer the air from inside to outside or the reverse, there must’ve been some confusion with the control unit to make my friend’s store so warm. It felt as if the desired cool air was being cancelled out by hot air coming from the heat pump. From what I hear, this is a minor problem which can be corrected. I’ve always preferred Summer over winter, but this heat can be murder!

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