The perfect birthday surprise

I don’t know about you, but I personally have never been a big fan of birthdays.

As a naturally introverted person I have always preferred to just get a card in the mail or a nice happy birthday text rather than having a party thrown for me or any big surprises.

Well, my parents are much louder and outgoing than I am so when they told me that I had a birthday surprise for me I was extremely worried. I am still haunted by the memory on my eighteenth birthday when they thought it would be a good idea to plan a surprise party for me which left me so scared and uncomfortable that I could barely summon up the courage to thank everyone for coming and blow out the candles on my birthday cake. On the bright side however, this time around the surprise ended up being something that was pretty amazing and also something I really needed as an adult. That’s right, they ended up surprising me by having a state of the art air conditioning unit installed into my home. As a broke twenty something who is just trying to get by and pay off my college loans I haven’t been able to replace my old and run down air conditioning unit ever since I moved into my home, but with this state of the art A/C unit that will no longer be a problem. Sure I had to go through a little bit of pain walking into my home blindfolded to see the unit, but it was all worth it in the end.

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