Learning about Bee Hive Climate Control from my sibling

My sibling happens to be an experienced beekeeper. She is always telling myself and others all about how important bees are to the ecomethod & how good the honey is that they make, however i was absolutely fascinated when she was telling myself and others about Honey Bee Hive Climate Control. I absolutely didn’t realize that honey bees had a genre of climate control, but obviously it’s something they use correctly! For heating the hive, the bees will use muscle interest & clustering techniques to keep the hive warm. For cooling the hive, the bees will use wing flapping & mist evaporation. I was amazed when I l earned from my sibling that there are bees known as ‘heater bees’, there are a few reasons why bees must focus on climate control, & that’s to keep new larvae & pupae moderate & alive, & to keep the queen bee moderate so that they all can survive through the Winter months. The oil furnace bees absolutely detach their rear wings that are normally used for flight, & they contract the same muscles to generate heat. They are absolutely able to generate heat up to 110 degrees fahrenheit… While the queen bee is going around sitting the eggs in several cells, they will absolutely leave empty cells for the oil furnace bees & the nurse bees. The oil furnace bees will go over the developing pupae to keep them nice & warm. The ideal temperature for the developing pupae is between 95 & 97 degrees, and my sibling absolutely said that the temperature matters because that determines the genre of bees that will emerge. It’s all undoubtedly fascinating stuff.



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