Would love a tree house… except for air temperature

For as long as I can remember, I had a strange dream that may never come true.

This fantasy involves my ideal dream house, which is a rather unusual setup compared to most.

Since I was a small child, I have been enamored with the idea of living in a tall, sprawling the tree house. I think it would be so cool to crawl up a tall wooden ladder and walk through the limbs of a tree, living among the squirrels and birds in perfect harmony. I thought about this plan for a really long time, and have gone so far as to mock up several blueprints for my ideal tree home. When I was looking for a new place to live several years ago, I made sure that I purchased a house with enough property and enormous trees to house my potential living space. I actually got pretty far in the planning, until I ran into one problem. The indoor air temperature control would be terrible. I live in a tumultuous climate that requires heating and cooling for 10 months of the year. Obviously, I couldn’t install a central heating or cooling system for a wooden tree house exposed to nature. I wouldn’t be able to fit a massive air conditioning condenser or gas powered furnace in my quaint tree house. I also couldn’t afford to power the air quality control devices. I would need an enormous amount of insulation and HVAC expertise to ever establish a safe heating and cooling system in the tree home. Although I’ve been searching for indoor quality control solutions on my own, I’ve also consulted with the premier tree house HVAC expert in the nation. If they can’t figure out a modern solution for my air quality concerns, nobody can.

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