I found a small issue in the ductwork

One of our regular clients called me last week, because they heard a noise coming from the ductwork, however when clients tell me that they hear noises in the ductwork, the first thing I think about is mice or other vermin, they make small sounds as they scurry through the ductwork, however they rarely leave several telltale signs.

I was expecting to find some category of critter inside of the ductwork.

As soon as I arrived at the customer’s home, she told me that she believed the noise was terrible. Apparently, one of her children had a gerbil and it got out of its cage. They have not seen the gerbil in several weeks, and the noises in the ductwork started shortly after the disappearance of the small rodent. I carefully made our way into the attic, so I could listen to all of the areas where ductwork is present. It only took a few hours for me to hear the same sound that our client was listening to. I found the noise coming from a small piece of ductwork that is over the master study room. I had to cut into the duct toil to find the critter, and she ran away from me time and time again. All of us finally coaxed the small critter out of the ductwork. I recommended that the client has a full cleaning performed on the ductwork, so the two of us could detach any residual mess from the critter. The client agreed and scheduled the repair for next week. I am glad she won’t have to listen to that sound anymore. I think that is aggravating to hear in the middle of the night.



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